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    What is RudderStack?

    RudderStack is a customer data platform for developers. Our tooling makes it easy to deploy pipelines that collect customer data from every app, website and SaaS platform, then activate it in your warehouse and business tools.

    More information on RudderStack can be found here.

    What is the RudderStack Cordova SDK?

    Apache Cordova is an open-source, cross-platform application development framework. The RudderStack Cordova SDK lets you track event data from your Cordova app and send it to your preferred destination platforms via RudderStack.

    For detailed documentation on the Cordova SDK, click here.

    Getting started

    To add the SDK as a dependency navigate to the root folder of your application and run the following command:

    cordova plugin add rudder-sdk-cordova

    Initialize RudderClient

    Add the following code in the onDeviceReady() function of your home page to initialize the SDK.

    RudderClient.initialize( <WRITE_KEY> , {
      "dataPlaneUrl": <DATA_PLANE_URL> ,
      "trackLifecycleEvents": true,
      "controlPlaneUrl": ""

    Send events

    An example track call is as below

        RudderClient.track("test_track_event", {
            "test_property_1" : "test_value_1"

    Anonymous ID

    You can use the setAnonymousId method to override the default anonymousId, as shown:

    • You need to call setAnonymousId method before calling initialize

    Advertisement ID

    RudderStack collects the advertisement ID if it is enabled by the user. To set the advertising ID yourself, you can use the setAdvertisingId method as shown:


    Setting the device token

    You can pass your device-token for push notifications to be passed to the destinations which support the Push Notifications feature. RudderStack sets the token under context.device.token.

    An example of setting the device-token is as shown:


    Contact us

    If you come across any issues while configuring or using RudderStack, please feel free to contact us or start a conversation on our Slack channel. We will be happy to help you.


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