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Retrieve scan data from your RTP LivePass based resort season pass.

RTP LivePass data retrieval for Node

Retrieve scan data from an RTP LivePass based season pass account.

Defaults to Park City Mountain Resort.

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$ npm install rtp-live-pass

Example Usage

var LivePassUser = require("./index"),
    async = require("async");
var user = new LivePassUser();
    function (callback) {
        user.authenticate("", "password", function(err, userObject) {
            callback(err, userObject);
    function (userObject, callback) {
        user.getAccessCode(function(err, accessCode) {
            callback(err, accessCode);
    function (accessCode, callback) {
        user.getScanHistory(function(err, history) {
            callback(err, history);
], function (err, result) {

Retrieving Data from a different Resort

Once you've determined the root endpoint for your resort's LivePass API, you can override the LivePassUser object's endpoint value.

For example:

var user = new LivePassUser();
user._resortEndpoint = "";

For more information on determining your resort's LivePass API endpoint, see my blog post here: