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RTP LivePass data retrieval for Node

Retrieve scan data from an RTP LivePass based season pass account.

Defaults to Park City Mountain Resort.

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$ npm install rtp-live-pass

Example Usage

var LivePassUser = require("./index"),
    async = require("async");
var user = new LivePassUser();
    function (callback) {
        user.authenticate("", "password", function(err, userObject) {
            callback(err, userObject);
    function (userObject, callback) {
        user.getAccessCode(function(err, accessCode) {
            callback(err, accessCode);
    function (accessCode, callback) {
        user.getScanHistory(function(err, history) {
            callback(err, history);
], function (err, result) {

Retrieving Data from a different Resort

Once you've determined the root endpoint for your resort's LivePass API, you can override the LivePassUser object's endpoint value.

For example:

var user = new LivePassUser();
user._resortEndpoint = "";

For more information on determining your resort's LivePass API endpoint, see my blog post here: