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An API to communicate with an R11 server

SpaceCP API for Node.JS

This module will allow you to connect to a SpaceCP server with the Node.JS runtime.

This module was produced for the SpaceCP Panel currently being produced by XereoNet.

0.6.10 All of the refactor bugs should be gone

0.6.9-7 Fixed a lot of bugs, including the eventEmitter leak

0.6.9 Big refactor, will up to 0.7 or 1.0 once all bugs are out

0.6.1 SpacecpLoadedEvent

0.5.6-2 Once should now work

0.5.6-1 Fixed access buffer beyond length

0.5.6 try-catches are not how you're supposed to do it

0.5.5 Tramsforms^2

0.5.4 Fixing some more major bugs bunny's

0.5.3-3 That was not a bug of my new code, damn :P

0.5.3-2 Reverted back until I can find the actual fix

0.5.3-1 Bugs gallore

0.5.3 Refactored a lot of code, started adding unit tests

0.5.2-1 Fixed double firing of connect callback

0.5.2 Fixed reconnect

0.5.1 Added re-registring of events after reconnect + Pushed to github

0.4.6 Stuff fixed

0.4.5 Added oldStatus to status event (BREAKING CHANGE!)

0.4.4-4 README.MD fixes

0.4.4-3 Some more fixes

0.4.4-1 Think I fixed double event firing

0.4.4 Streming fixes


0.4.2-1 getServerState

0.4.2 Fixed most bugs

0.4.1-4 Connection error event

0.4.1-3 Reconnect event handlers

0.4.1-2 Reconnect fix

0.4.1-1 Statusses fix

0.4.1 Statusses fix

0.4.0 Multiple listener handler, more statusses

0.3.* Rewrite, Packet object, status event, disconnect reconnect, etc

0.2.* Initial Version

var RTKServer = require('./index.js');

info =  {
    host: 'IP',
    port: 25566,
    username: 'user',
    password: 'pass',
    salt: '',
    encrypted: false

var s = new RTKServer(info, function () {
    s.on('com.drdanick.rtoolkit.event.ConsoleInputEvent', test);'ping', {}, '', function (packet) {

    function test (e) {