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SpaceCP API for Node.JS

This module will allow you to connect to a SpaceCP server with the Node.JS runtime.

This module was produced for the SpaceCP Panel currently being produced by XereoNet.

Version History

0.6.10 All of the refactor bugs should be gone

0.6.9-7 Fixed a lot of bugs, including the eventEmitter leak

0.6.9 Big refactor, will up to 0.7 or 1.0 once all bugs are out

0.6.1 SpacecpLoadedEvent

0.5.6-2 Once should now work

0.5.6-1 Fixed access buffer beyond length

0.5.6 try-catches are not how you're supposed to do it

0.5.5 Tramsforms^2

0.5.4 Fixing some more major bugs bunny's

0.5.3-3 That was not a bug of my new code, damn :P

0.5.3-2 Reverted back until I can find the actual fix

0.5.3-1 Bugs gallore

0.5.3 Refactored a lot of code, started adding unit tests

0.5.2-1 Fixed double firing of connect callback

0.5.2 Fixed reconnect

0.5.1 Added re-registring of events after reconnect + Pushed to github

0.4.6 Stuff fixed

0.4.5 Added oldStatus to status event (BREAKING CHANGE!)

0.4.4-4 README.MD fixes

0.4.4-3 Some more fixes

0.4.4-1 Think I fixed double event firing

0.4.4 Streming fixes


0.4.2-1 getServerState

0.4.2 Fixed most bugs

0.4.1-4 Connection error event

0.4.1-3 Reconnect event handlers

0.4.1-2 Reconnect fix

0.4.1-1 Statusses fix

0.4.1 Statusses fix

0.4.0 Multiple listener handler, more statusses

0.3.* Rewrite, Packet object, status event, disconnect reconnect, etc

0.2.* Initial Version


var RTKServer = require('./index.js');

info =  {
    host: 'IP',
    port: 25566,
    username: 'user',
    password: 'pass',
    salt: '',
    encrypted: false

var s = new RTKServer(info, function () {
    s.on('com.drdanick.rtoolkit.event.ConsoleInputEvent', test);'ping', {}, '', function (packet) {

    function test (e) {