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React Suite is a set of React components. It is committed to providing high-quality and comprehensive React components to help developers quickly build web applications.

Supported Platforms


React Suite supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. IE<=10 is no longer supported since React Suite 5.0. React Suite is designed and implemented for use on modern desktop browsers rather than mobile browsers.

IE Edge Firefox Chrome Safari
>=11 >=14 >= 45 >= 49 >= 10


React Suite supports server side rendering. Support Next.js to build applications.


React Suite is available as an npm package.

# with npm
npm install rsuite

# with Yarn
yarn add rsuite

# with pnpm
pnpm add rsuite

# with Bun
bun add rsuite


import { Button } from 'rsuite';
import 'rsuite/styles/index.less'; // or 'rsuite/dist/rsuite.min.css'

function App() {
  return <Button appearance="primary">Hello World</Button>;

More guides on how to get started are available here.


It's the website for the latest version of React Suite. For older versions head over here

The previous major version 4.x will no longer receive new features, and it is recommended to upgrade to the latest 5.x releases. Bug fixes for 4.x are still being supported for a period of time, and security fixes are supported until 6.x is in progress.

Framework Guides

React Suite can be used in your favorite framework. We have prepared step-by-step guides for these frameworks:


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Make sure you've read the guidelines before you start contributing.

Sponsoring services

These great services help us to build and maintain the project.

Service Description
GitHub Github lets us host the Git repository and coordinate contributions.
Vercel Vercel provides the hosting for the documentation site.
CodeCov CodeCov lets us monitor test coverage.
Gitee Gitee grants us GVP - Gitee Most Valuable Open Source Project.
CodeSandbox CodeSandbox lets us provide live previews of the components.
Stackblitz Stackblitz lets us provide live previews of the components.

Supporting React Suite

If you like React Suite, you can show your support by either

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.



React Suite is MIT licensed.

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