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RSS Library - RSS Parser for node.

RSSLib - RSS Library Parser using NodeJS

This module parse content of RSS Feed and it can also obtain the html content.

npm install rsslib
There are two functions such as `getListRSS` and `getRSSContent`.

getListRSS(url, callback)

getRSSContent(url, content_key, removeContext, callback)
    var lib = require('rsslib');
    // Retrieve list of RSS 
    // the return result will in array which contain: title, link, description, pubDate, guid, author 
    var url = '';
    lib.getListRSS(url, function(result){
            console.log('title: ' + result[i].title);
            console.log('link: ' + result[i].link);
            console.log('description: ' + result[i].description);
            console.log('publish date: ' + result[i].pubDate);
            console.log('guid: ' + result[i].guid);
            console.log('author: ' + result[i].author);
    // Retrieve HTML content of a web page 
    var urlCo = '';
    // Define which part of html that we want to obtain the content 
    var contentKey = '.cnn_strycntntlft';
    // To remove content which don't want to be included in the result by defining the html tag, class or id 
    var removeContext = ['script', 'style', '.cnnExplainer', '.cnn_html_slideshow', '.cnn_stryshrwdgtbtm'];
    lib.getRSSContent(urlCo, contentKey, removeContext, function(result){

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