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rsf-response-for-each is part of the Rapid Sensemaking Framework ecosystem... please read the README of rsf-runner for the full context for what that is.

rsf-response-for-each is an RSF Operator

For a list/array of statements, collect a response or vote for each from a list of participants


npm install --save rsf-response-for-each

RSF Sequence example

The following could be used in an RSF Sequence JSON file.

    "id": "rsf-response-for-each",
    "description": "Gather a response from participants to each statement in a list",
    "language": "node",
    "contract": {
        "needs": {
            "options": [{
                "text": "string",
                "triggers": ["string"]
            "statements": [{
                "text": "string"
            "max_time": "number",
            "participants_config": [{
                "id": "string",
                "name": "string",
                "type": "string"
        "gives": [{
            "statement": {
                "text": "string"
            "response": "string",
            "id": "string",
            "timestamp": "number"
    "dependencies_file": {
        "dependencies": {
            "rsf-response-for-each": "0.0.21"
    "code_file": "require('rsf-response-for-each').main(__dirname)"



executes as a process until rsfResponseForEach completes, at which points it writes the results to a JSON file in the given readWriteDir directory, and exits the process.

readWriteDir : String, the path to the directory from which to read an input.json file and write the output.json file

Expectations for input.json:

input.options, for options in rsfResponseForEach

input.statements for statements in rsfResponseForEach

input.participants_config which it will make an [Contactables] using makeContactable from rsf-contactable to pass in as contactables to rsfResponseForEach

input.max_time, for maxTime in rsfResponseForEach

rsfResponseForEach(options, statements, maxTime, contactables, callback)

The core logic for interacting with participants, timeouts, and collecting responses.

How it works:

  • rules will be given to the participants
  • options and how to use them will be given
  • each participant will be sent each statement one by one, asking for a response, and only sending the next one once a valid response to the current one has been received
  • each statement will also include how many remaining statements there are to respond to
  • will complete will everyone has responded to everything, or the timeout maxTime comes to pass, in which case it will finish with whatever results have been given so far

options : [Option], the available response options

Option.text : String, the human readable meaning of this response, such as 'Agree'

Options.triggers : [String], valid strings that will represent the selection of this option, such as ['a', 'A', 'agree'], * will match any response

statements : [Statement], the statements to collect responses to. Statement is an object because it could optionally have an id property signifying the person who authored it

Statement.text : String, the text of this statement to give to partipants for responding to.

maxTime : Number, the number of milliseconds to wait until stopping this process automatically

contactables: [Contactable], the "contactables" array from rsf-contactable, or a mock... objects with .speak and .listen methods.

callback : Function, a callback to call with only one argument which are the results

callback -> results : [Response], array of the responses collected. If the process completed before the timeout, there should be as many as the number of participants in contactables times the number of statements.

Response.statement : Statement, the entirety of the statement this is a response to

Response.response : String, the text of the response : String, the id of the agent who gave the response

Response.timestamp : Number, the unix timestamp of the moment the response message was received


Tests are written with mocha/chai/sinon and can be run with

npm test




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