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rsf-pairwise-comparison is part of the Rapid Sensemaking Framework ecosystem... please read the README of rsf-runner for the full context for what that is.

rsf-pairwise-comparison is an RSF Operator

Replace this text with a detailed description of what the Operator does. How it behaves.


npm install --save rsf-pairwise-comparison

RSF Sequence example

The following could be used in an RSF Sequence JSON file.

    "id": "rsf-pairwise-comparison",
    "description": "Iterate through all the combinations in a list of statements getting peoples choices on them",
    "language": "node",
    "contract": {
        "needs": {
            "choice": "string",
            "statements": [{
                "text": "string"
            "max_time": "number",
            "participants_config": [{
                "id": "string",
                "name": "string",
                "type": "string"
        "gives": [{
            "choices": {
                "A": "string",
                "1": "string"
            "choice": "string",
            "id": "string",
            "timestamp": "number"
    "dependencies_file": {
        "dependencies": {
            "rsf-pairwise-comparison": "0.0.12"
    "code_file": "require('rsf-pairwise-comparison').main(__dirname)"



executes as a process until rsfPairwiseComparison completes, at which points it writes the results to a JSON file in the given readWriteDir directory, and exits the process.

readWriteDir : String, the path to the directory from which to read an input.json file and write the output.json file

Expectations for input.json:

input.choice, for choice in rsfPairwiseComparison

input.statements, for statements in rsfPairwiseComparison

input.participants_config which it will make an [Contactables] using makeContactable from rsf-contactable to pass in as contactables to rsfPairwiseComparison

input.max_time, for maxTime in rsfPairwiseComparison

rsfPairwiseComparison(choice, statements, maxTime, contactables, callback)

The core logic for interacting with participants, timeouts, and ...

How it works:

  • rules for the process will be sent to participants
  • it will let everyone know when the process has completed because the maxTime came to pass, or
  • it will let everyone know when the process has completed because all the participants have chosen between all the possible pairs

choice : String, a human readable string clarifying what a choice for either of any two options means

statements : [Statement], the list of statements to create all possible pairs out of, and make choices between

Statement.text : String, the string of text for this statement, can be anything

maxTime : Number, the number of milliseconds to wait until stopping this process automatically

contactables: [Contactable], the "contactables" array from rsf-contactable, or a mock... objects with .speak and .listen methods.

callback : Function, a callback to call with only one argument which are the results

callback -> results : [Choice], array of Choice

Choice.choices : ChoiceObject, the choices being chosen between

ChoiceObject.A : String, the text of the choice associated with key A

ChoiceObject.1 : String, the text of the choice associated with key 1

Choice.choice : String, 1 or A, whichever was chosen : String, the id of the contactable who chose

Choice.timestamp : Number, the unix timestamp specifying when the choice was made


Tests are written in mocha/chai/sinon and can be run using

npm test




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