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A lightweight screen-scraper to generate pdf renderings of chapters / novels from

NOTE: this is just a basic screen-scraper. If there are significant changes to RRL's DOM then this will break. Should be pretty simple to fix though.

There are a lot of niceties that could be implemented. Additional query parameters for formatting, splitting up the pdfs into multiple files, caching, etc. However this is more or less just a quick, dirty, and lightweight way to save some novels offline.


npm install -g rrl-scraper

The CLI should now be accessible via command rrl-scraper


For general usage run command rrl-scraper help.

Both id's can be found in RRL's url.

  • rrl-scraper fiction <fictionID> - Generates a compiled PDF of all chapters for the given fiction.
    • - 9179 is the fictionID
  • rrl-scraper chapter <chapterID> - Generates a PDF of a single chapter.
    • - 75087 is the chapterID


Feel free to make improvements!

git clone
cd RoyalRoadL-CLI-Scraper && npm link