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redis persistent queue


rpq is a redis-backed queue. Nope, not a message queue, just a persistent queue to shove objects into in case you need something more resilient than memory.

It provides some simple queue apis (e.g. pop(), push()).

npm install rpq

pop(callback) - pop an item from the queue

push(item, callback) - push an item on the queue

size(callback) - get size

var Queue = require('rpq');
var queue = new Queue({ 
    key: 'my-queue-name',       // name of queue 
    // server: '',     // (optional) redis server 
    // port: 6379               // (optiona) redis port  
var item = { hello: 'world', abc: 123 };
queue.push(item, function(err) {
    queue.size(function(err, size) {
      console.log("size is:", size);
      queue.pop(function(err, item) {
        console.log("popped:", item);


size is: 1
popped: { hello: 'world', abc: 123 }