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rpi Build Status

Yet another Node.js library to use the Raspberry Pi GPIOs.

Relies on WiringPi and then has some nice features:

  • no sudo required
  • you can use the GPIOs from the P5 header of the Pi
  • based on Event Emitters

It's a WIP! But basic read and write should work. See the examples folder.



GPIO class, that represents an instance of a GPIO.

Pin numbers are the ones used in wiringPi. Specify the pin direction with 'in' or 'out'.

If the pin direction is 'in', events 'change', 'rise' and 'fall' will be fired when needed.

Here is a quick sample:

var pin8 = new GPIO(8, 'in');
pin8.on('ready', function() {
pin8.on('rise', function() {
pin8.on('change', function(value) {

GPIO.write(value:Number, callback:function())

Write the value on the GPIO


Shorthand for pin.write(1, callback). Writes 1 on the GPIO


Shorthand for pin.write(0, callback). Writes 0 on the GPIO

Reads the value on the GPIO