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Lightweight framework for old-school RPG GUI in web!

Live examples here

What is it?

This framework provide out-of-the-box GUI for web games with old-school RPG style. Once including this lib all you need to do is start adding regular html elements with RPGUI classes, and RPGUI will do all the rest!

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RPGUI is a css+js framework for client side only, you don't need to require it on node.js side.

Key Features

The following are the key features of RPGUI:

  • Using RPGUI don't require coding at all! Just using css classes.
  • A complete and whole CSS system that will cover most HTML elements.
  • Containers with several type of frames.
  • Dragging functionality.
  • Beautiful sliders and progress bars.
  • Customized cursors with 8-bit style.
  • A collection of build-in icons for rpgs.
  • Neat checkboxes and Radio buttons.
  • Styled buttons.
  • Sophisticated dropdown widget (based on <select>).
  • Pretty listbox (based on <select>).
  • Very easy to use. Create game GUI in seconds with only plain html code.
  • No dependencies, works right out of the box!
  • Very lightweight - just ~25kb of css/js, + 1.5Mb of resources (images).

RPGUI should work on all modern browsers, tested and confirmed on Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Internet Explorer edge*.

How to use

RPGUI docs can be found at the github repo:

RPGUI Manual


  • PRGUI default theme uses the public-domain graphics made by Buch, aka Michele Bucelli ()http://opengameart.org/users/buch).
  • Special thanks to titoasty (https://github.com/titoasty) that contributed a lot to this lib.


RPGUI is distributed under the zlib-license, and is absolutely free for use in any purpose (personal, educational, commercial, etc..). See LICENSE.txt for more info.

Contact Me

For issues / bugs use the Report Issue button. For anything else, feel free to contact me: ronenness@gmail.com.


npm i rpgui

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