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Node implementation of CouchDB replicator, based on nano. For educational purposes.


Node implementation of the CouchDB replication protocol.

var adapter = require('roy-request');
var roy = require('roy-replicator');
  source: adapter('http://localhost:5984/my-source'),
  target: adapter('http://localhost:5984/my-target')
}, function(err, resp) {
  // Oh Pris! 

This should also be possible (but I haven't tested yet):

var adapter = require('pouchdb');
  • Gain deeper understanding of CouchDB replication
  • Good readability and testability
  • CouchDB replicator compatibility
  • Be nearly as fast as CouchDB
  • Small browserified footprint
  • PouchDB compatibility (replace roy-request with pouchdb)
  • Lint the code with npm run jshint
  • Run the tests with npm test
  • Browserify with npm run build
  • List TODOS with npm run todos
  • Run performance tests with npm run perf

Copyright (c) 2013 Johannes J. Schmidt, TF

Licensed under the MIT license.