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Routers News

Routers is a collection of web-crawlers for various popular technology news sources.

It exposes a command-line interface to these crawlers, allowing for the distinguishing tech-news enthusiast to avoid leaving the comfort of their terminal.

It Currently Supports:

Technology News Sources

  • Ars Technica

Major Technology Blogs

  • TechCrunch
  • Mashable
  • Gizmodo
  • Fast Company
  • FastCo.Labs

Personal Technology Blogs

  • Codes From The Underground, my blog

Mainstream News Sources

  • New York Times
  • USA Today
  • L.A. Times

Other Random Stuff

  • Github
  • The Oatmeal
  • xkcd

(this categorization is loose, please feel free to shuffle stuff around.)

It's Also An Experiment

It is my hope that, by open-sourcing a collection of news scrapers, a community can be built around building a powerful set of real-time news aggregation tools.


npm install routers-news -g


Listing News Sources

routers-news --sources


Routers News Sources:
      NewYorkTimes: The New York Times Bits blog.
      LATimes: The business and culture of our digital lives, from the L.A. Times.
      USAToday: Power up with breaking news on personal technology, electronics, gaming and computers.
    tech: Wired magazine is a monthly US technology publication.
      ArsTechnica: Ars Technica is a technology news site catering to PC enthusiasts.
      TechCrunch: A network of technology-oriented blogs and other web properties.
    Github: Trending and featured repos on

Displaying Headlines

routers-news --source=github


[1] MacLemon / CongressChecklist
[2] dejan / rails_panel
[3] feross / md5-password-cracker.js
[4] shadowsocks / shadowsocks-go
[5] bcoe / routers-news
[6] andrew / 24pullrequests
[7] nkohari / jwalk
[8] lockitron / selfstarter
[9] twitter / bower
[10]  Spaceman-Labs / SMPageControl

Loading Articles

routers-news --source=github --article=5


bcoe / routers-news:
A crawler for various popular tech news sources. Read technology news from the comfort of your CLI.
      — Read more

The Crawlers

The news crawlers used by Routers come in two varieties:

  • Page scrapers which use CSS selectors to extract content from news sources.
  • RSS/Atom feed parsers, which crawl articles using an RSS or Atom news feed.

Examples of both can be found in the lib/sources directory.


It's easy to add a new news source:

  • fork the routers news repo.
  • clone it locally.
  • run npm install to install the libraries locally.
  • create a new crawler in the lib/sources directory (everything in this hierarchy is automatically loaded).
  • to test your crawler run: node ./bin/routers-news.js.

You can also help a ton by:

  • reporting when crawlers are broken.
  • extending on the crawelrs, I'd love to have:
    • Dates.
    • Authors.
    • Better image extraction.
  • improving on the CLI client.

Help make our dreams of a collaborative web-crawler a reality :)


Copyright (c) 2012 Benjamin Coe and Joshua Hull and Gabriel Silk. See LICENSE.txt for further details.