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Rotten — find empty git branches and unmerged ones with tons of code!

$ npm -g install rotten

It helps you discover

  • Which remote branches are empty (all code is in master), also outputs a command to delete them all.
  • Which remote branches still have lots of code that needs to be merged
  • How long remote branches have been waiting to be merged.

Why is this useful?

  • discover which projects are languishing
  • discover which engineers are unhappy that their code is not being reviewed/merged
  • discover how effective your development process is

How rotten am I really?

Try it out.

$ npm -g install rotten
cd my-big-git-repo
$ rotten


Usage: rotten --repo /path-to-git-repo --prod master
  -r, --repo         the repo youd like to examine for rotting code                                        [default: "."]
  -p, --prod         the branch you have running in production                                             [default: "master"]
  --keep             don't run "harvested" checks (if you want to keep merged branches)                    [default: false]
  -c, --mostcommits  show branches with the most commits first (defaults to showing oldest commits first)  [default: false]

If you'd like to order by most commits waiting (instead of oldest commit waiting):

$ rotten --mostcommits


Your rotten score is #rotten:13/harvested:37


  • rotten: number of branches you need to merge into prod
  • harvested: branches already in prod that need to be deleted.