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Emit rotate events for log files based on interval. Rotate event handlers are called "rotator-tots" or just tots. Tots get passed a (readable stream, the log file path, and the data passed in when the log was asociated).


var rotator = require('rotator');
var tot = rotator();
  if(err) throw err; // oh no could not find the log or somthing 
  console.log('log scheduled for rotation!');
  // stop writing to the log 
  // also upload it to s3? content-length is fs.stat.size  
  // rs.pipe .... 
  console.log(rs,'was old and needed to be rotated. copied to ',path);
  // prints "./some.log was old and needed to be rotated. copied to ./20120914_some.log" 


rotator(config Object)

  • config

    • interval
      • the rotate interval for all files on this tot defaults to 1 day
    • size
      • the max size of the file before it is rotated. defauls to 5gb
    • gzip = true
      • rotated files are by default gzipped
    • pollInterval
      • how often to check if any logs need to be rotated. defaults to 1 minute.
    • statInterval
      • how often to poll size. i did not want to install watchers because we should not really need to check this so often.
  • returns an EventEmitter

tot EventEmitter

  • addFile(path)
    • add a file to be rotated
  • removeFile(path)
    • remove a path from the rotate list
  • formatTime(date)
    • creates day timestamp from UTC YMD overload this function to change the format.
  • rotate(path,cb)
    • path the file path you want to rotate
    • cb callback
  • rotateAfterClose(path,stream)
    • the file path that must not be rotated until stream close
    • the stream that must close


  • rotate(rs ReadabeStream,p file path, data)
  • rotated(p file path,data)
  • rotate-done
    • all active rotates are done
  • rotate-error(err Error, p file path, data)
  • rotate-empty(p path,data);

Data Object data objects are passed to events. this is the data associated with each file.

  • data.stat
  • data.toRotate
  • data.rotating


let me know if you have victory