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Roots Tumblr

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This is an extension to make building Tumblr themes easier, or make it easier to take Tumblr themes and use them outside of Tumblr. It's basically a wrapper around tumblr-theme-parser.


  • ensure you are in a roots project directory
  • npm install roots-tumblr --save


To use the default tumblr json export:

tumblr = require 'roots-tumblr'
module.exports =
  extensions: [tumblr()]

To use a custom tumblr json export:

  • login to tumblr and go to the URL
  • Save JSON that's returned in a file like ./tumblr-demo-content.json.
tumblr = require 'roots-tumblr'
tumblrDemoContent = require './tumblr-content'
module.exports =
  ignores: ['tumblr-demo-content.json']
  extensions: [tumblr(tumblrDemoContent)]

License & Contributing