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The 'root-probe' returns information (such as dependecies) about the first parent module in the path hierarchy.

Take a look to the TODO if you want to help towards the next steps.


Node Dependencies

Add following line to your project dependencies

"root-probe": "0.1.x",

then hit

npm install

Require module

var probe = require('root-probe');


[property] means the property is only set it a value was found

Probe Object

The Probe is an extention of the Root Object provided by the root-finder package

root-probe adds following properties to the Root Object:

  • status: 'OK' if the probe was processed without problems, 'ERROR' otherwise
  • timestamp: the time at which the probe was generated
  • hostname: the name of the host
  • ip: the ip address from the network adapter
  • version: the version of the package
  • [version_hash]: the parsed content of .git/HEAD
  • dependencies: the parent module's dependencies as array of objects formated as follows

Dependecy Object

  • type: string - specifies it is a Node ('node') or Bower ('bower') dependency
  • production: boolean - specifies it is a production dependency
  • path: string - path to the dependency
  • name: string - the name dependency module
  • version: string - the dependency module's version
  • [description]: string - the dependency module's description
  • [keywords]: array of strings - the dependency module's keywords
  • [homepage]: string - the dependency module's homepage
  • [repository_url]: string - the dependency module's repository_url
  • [engines_node]: string - the dependency module's supported version of node

Access Values

Access the values with the point notation:

var probe = require('root-probe');

// get parent module's name

// get root path

// get list of dependencies