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Roomba boombox

Roombox is a Roomba boombox.

This is handy when you want to play some music on a Roomba vacuum cleaner, turning it into a boombox. Please note that Roomba has a low-quality speaker with a limited pitch range.

Roombox is an entry to node.js knockout 2013 .

npm install -g roombox

Pair your computer with Roomba. I used a RooTooth paired to my MacBook Air via bluetooth.

Start Roombox:

roombox start --path /dev/tty.FireFly-9E56-SPP --baud-rate 57600

A menu prompt will be displayed on the screen, simply select the track number of the song that you want to play.

To add more songs: search for ABC notation of the songs that you want to play, then place them under data directory of Roombox installation directory (which roombox).

Developer's Guide

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