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RonDonJon's React Library

A small collection of themable, scalable, and otherwise customizable React components, written in Typescript and bundled as ES module.




Copyright © 2022 "Ron Don Jon" Daniel Kastenholz.

Released under the terms of the AGPL-3.0.


Version Changes
0.1.0 Add Button component
0.2.0 Add Paragraph and Monospace components
0.3.0 Add Area and Headline components; introduce dark and light themes
0.3.1 Fix package metadata and display it in the Demo
1.0.0 Prepare package for publishing; release on npm
1.1.0 Add Link component
1.2.0 Add Splitter component and useClientRect() hook
1.3.0 Rework demo page with Splitter layout and individual demo pages
1.4.0 Improve legibility and layout in demo app
1.5.0 Make demo app responsive; forbid unused locals; add more hooks; add missing components to library builds
1.6.0 Add math functions and ava tests
2.0.0 Refactor theme styles; new px/rem use; configure absolute vs. text-relative units for non-text sizes
2.1.0 Skip 300ms delay after Link/Button click on mobile
2.1.1 Fix Splitter on mobile devices
2.2.0 Use compact menu layout in Demo app on mobile devices
2.3.0 Add Color tests
2.4.0 Unify text-shadow; include text scaling in Button component border-radius; bigger Splitter bar
2.4.1 Refactor Splitter to absolute layout to fix occasional disappearance of the component on the b size
2.5.0 Introduce fill style attribute to configure backgrounds and borders independently in Button and Area
2.5.1 Add missing fill/slope/light styles to Splitter, refine style rules in others
2.6.0 Add RadioButton and Label components
2.6.1 Add eslint to project, fix missing hook dependencies, add missing RadioButton disabled state
2.7.0 Add Checkbox component
2.7.1 Fix broken value handling in RadioButton
2.8.0 Update README


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