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Use your choice of ancient encryption plus MD5 to extra encrypt your data! RomanMD5

RomanMD5 runs a roman encryption of your choice, plus the MD5 encrpytion algorithm between a range of 100 and 1000 times. Each method will return an array of two items, the first item is the encrypted string, and the second is the key. The key is the number of times the string was encrypted with the roman encryption of choice and MD5. The library currently supports:

  1. ROT13 Caesar Cipher
  2. Polyalphanumeric Caesar Cipher

Using Rot13

var romanMD5 = require("./romanmd5");
romanMD5.rot13Encrypt("String to encrypt.") /* => [ '9s576311r04964777191ro464srs4q20', 587 ] */

Using Polyalphanumeric

var romanMD5 = require("./romanmd5");
romanMD5.polyAlphaEncrypt("Hello","snake") /* => [ 't3b57286lf800pg27e10w29mkx5d8k07', 819 ] */

Using Enigma Machine The enigma cipher was a cipher that was used during WW2 for morse code, a random number is generated for each letter of the phrase you give, then each letter is thus rotated that many times! E.G. 'abc' => bcd [1,1,1]

var romanMD5 = require("./romanmd5");
// Enigma returns the encrypted string, the random rotation numbers & a key.
romanMD5.enigmaEncrypt('hello') /*=> [ '4dbb36a35905fe0744764821d6eeef68', [ 17, 11, 7, 1, 1 ], 250 ] */

If you want to retrieve the same encryption for that particular string again, simply call the function again with all the previous parameters, plus the key value as the second parameter.


romanMD5.rot13Encrypt("String to encrypt.",587) /* =>  '9s576311r04964777191ro464srs4q20' */


romanMD5.polyAlphaEncrypt("Hello","snake",819) /* =>  't3b57286lf800pg27e10w29mkx5d8k07' */

Enigma Machine

var romanMD5 = require("./romanmd5");
// We call this with both the string to match, the array of letter rotations, and the key.
romanMD5.enigmaEncrypt('hello',[ 17, 11, 7, 1, 1 ], 250) /*'4dbb36a35905fe0744764821d6eeef68' */

That's it, you can also get RomanMD5 on npm.

npm install romanmd5

Feel free to extend the library with other old school encryptions and ciphers. Just be sure to follow the same pattern. Look forward to your pull requests.


npm i romanmd5

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