Easily create SVN tags for stage rolls


RolyPoly is a command line utility which helps you quickly create SVN tags intended for stage rolls.

I'm certainly not an SVN expert, but my current company uses it for the majority of their code repositories. Creating tags for stage rolls was a manual process and kind of a pain, RolyPoly is my attempt to make it easier.

The script assumes a standard SVN configuration:


Where stage is a single line text file containing the name of the tag which will go to the stage server. We usually have some form of auto deploy working, so running rolypoly will automatically deploy to a stage server.

npm install rolypoly

To use, first cd into a either a working SVN or Git SVN repository. From there, just run the command rolypoly. By default RolyPoly will name the tag release_X, where X is an automatically generated release number based on the number of releases in the tags directory.

If you don't want RolyPoly to automatically generate a release name, you can specify your own. Sample: TAGNAME=somename_201303221540.