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Roll Call

Roll Call is a completely free🎉 voice chat service with podcast quality recording.

Go ahead and use it:

demo gif

Features Include:

  • Multi-party realtime audio calls.
  • Drag & Drop File Sharing.
  • Podcast quality recording.
    • We record each participant locally and send you the audio via the data channel instead of recording the compressed and often low quality realtime audio.

For more information on how to use Roll Call check out the FAQ.

Roll Call is entirely Open Source and can be embedded into your own web pages and web applications.

Chrome/Brave Only

Roll Call only works in last few releases of Chrome & Brave. This is not due to lack of testing or development work but because of bugs in Safari and Firefox. Roll Call sits at the intersection of browser audio and WebRTC support, it's a minefield for finding bugs burried deep in browser implementations. Even supporting Chrome takes some hacks.


Roll Call can easily be embedded on your own website. The easiest way is with a script include.

<script src=""></script>
  <roll-call call="myUniqueCallIdentifier"></roll-call>

Roll Call uses WebComponents. This means that you can use it like any other HTML element and manipulate its state with JavaScript.

Or, if you want to build it into the JavaScript bundle for your own app you can do so easily, but you'll need to handle loading a WebComponents polyfill for most browsers on your own.

const { Call } = require('roll-call')
let elem = new Call() = 'myUniqueCallIdentifier'

Once you require the script the elements are registered so you could also do something like this.

document.body.innerHTML += `<roll-call call="myUniqueCallIdentifier"></roll-call>`

To Develop

Download the code and run npm install.

If you want to do development run:

npm install
npm start

Try It Out

Roll Call is built and deployed automatically:

Wu-Tang Roll Call

The Rza,
the Gza,
Inspectah Deck,
Masta Killa,
Method Man,
Ghostface Killah,
and the late great Ol Dirty Bastard.




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