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control your roku from node


wrapper around the roku "external control" api

npm install roku

var ssdp = new (require('node-ssdp'))()
var Roku = require('../roku.js');
ssdp.once('response', function inResponse(msg, rinfo) {
  var location = msg.toString().match(/Location: (.*)/i)[1].trim();
  var device = new Roku(location);;
  device.launch('pandora', function() {

more examples

Types the provided string into a field

Simulates a button press on the remote control

Add a delay into the command queue to allow the roku to keep up with what you want to do.

Pass arguments into the currently running app. see test/input.js

list the installed apps on the roku

create a PNG stream

Using the launch command you can open application or allow a development application handle the protocol.

see the example code in test/launch.js and test/dev-video.js

returns an object of information about the roku

example object:

{ major: '1',
  minor: '0',
  deviceType: 'urn:roku-com:device:player:1-0',
  friendlyName: 'Roku Streaming Player',
  manufacturer: 'Roku',
  manufacturerURL: '',
  modelDescription: 'Roku Streaming Player Network Media',
  modelName: 'Roku Streaming Player 4200X',
  modelNumber: '4200X',
  modelURL: '',
  serialNumber: '1GH35D054697',
  UDN: 'uuid:31474833-3544-a9d5-0000-05006d1f0000',
  serviceType: 'urn:roku-com:service:ecp:1',
  serviceId: 'urn:roku-com:serviceId:ecp1-0',
  SCPDURL: 'ecp_SCPD.xml' }