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    Simple deployment automation & continuous delivery for Node.js projects.

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    The Problem

    Services like DigitalOcean's droplets and Linode's linodes make it super easy to create deployment targets for websites and other Node.js projects. However, there are still a lot of manual steps developers have to do in order to ship the app: install Node, install a runner like pm2 or forever, install system security patches, zip up & upload the app, create the necessary target directories, and more.

    The Solution

    Once you define a single configuration .rocketryrc file, you can run npx deploy run and everything will be handled for you. Then, with a few other small steps, you can automate the entire process via a CI tool so deployments occur automatically anytime you push changes to your master branch.

    Installation & Usage

    For instructions on how to use the tool, see /docs.

    Goals & Roadmap

    These are the goals for this project:

    • [x] Installation & setup of target server
      • [x] Install node and upgrade it to the latest version
      • [x] Install yarn and upgrade it to the latest version
      • [x] Install pm2 and upgrade it to the latest version
      • [x] Upgrade apt-get packages to ensure the latest system security patches are installed
    • [x] Automation of deployment steps
      • [x] Create target directories on target server
      • [x] Upload local project files to target server via SSH
      • [x] Install/upgrade node dependencies on target server
      • [x] Start/restart of services on target server
      • [x] Start the application if it's the first deployment, otherwise restart it for updates
      • [x] Integration with CI systems for automated deployment triggers
      • [x] Automated deployments via username & password
      • [ ] Automated deployments via SSH key
      • [ ] Seamless deployments without downtime

    Other Solutions

    How does this project differ from similar existing public projects?

    • Netlify - It's incredible, but not free past a certain point
    • Vercel - Also incredible, but not free past a certain point
    • dploy - Doesn't support server-side package upgrades
    • dployr - Assumes the Git project is accessible from the server
    • shipit - JavaScript-based (as opposed to configuration-based) and doesn't support server-side package upgrades
    • zaz - Assumes the Git project is accessible from the server


    Contributions for bug fixes and new features are welcome via Pull Requests.

    Publishing a New Version

    • Set the version you want in package.json (or leave it as is for an auto patch version bump)
    • Set the same version in and put today's date and changes
    • Run npm run release
    • Set the next version in package.json
    • Add the next block to the
    • Set git tag on the released commit

    Simulate a Deployment

    To simulate a deployment (to test the script), clone this project and run:

    yarn start




    npm i rocketry

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