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Your friendly Github PR and issue helper robot


Your friendly Github PR and issue helper robot.

The config file is just JavaScript. See example-config.js for an example.

Install robo-friend via npm:

npm install -g robo-friend

Then you need to add the appropriate Github repository hook. Robo-Friend can do this for you. Run:

robo-friend install config.js

If you need to make changes to the config, uninstall then re-install.

Uninstall disables and removes the Github hook. You can uninstall by running the following:

robo-friend remove

To verify that the hook isn't there anymore, you can run:

robo-friend hooks

Which will log something like this:

  active: true

Once Robo-Friend's GitHub hook is installed, you can have it respond to PRs like this:

robo-friend start config.js

Robo-friend caches Github repo data to reduce the number of Github calls it needs to make. This cache is stored in .cache by default. Robo-Friend is pretty good at knowing when it has a dirty cache, but you can remove this directory if you'd like to.