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    The idea here is that very good things will happen if enterprise software could be built and adapted entirely from expressive, yet codeless, declarations.


    Getting started

    In this section we'll get a simple Hello World! app up-and-running. First ensure:

    ...are all installed and running correctly. Just for now, it's assumed Mongo and Elasticsearch are running on their default ports (27017 and 9200) and that the Mongo database does not need a password to authenticate (don't worry, things get more secure later).

    Next install RoadieJS from the command line:

    $ npm install roadiejs

    Once that's all finished, you'll need to create yourself a new user. Easy enough:

    $ roadie user --create walter --passes manager

    That creates a new user with the id walter with super-do-anything manager permissions (again, security gets tightend-up later). Provide a new password for your user when prompted.

    In RoadieJS all functionality comes via Blueprints. To prove a point, let's install an entirely underwhelming "Hello world!" Blueprint. Again from the command line:

    $ roadie install github:wmfs/hello-wembley-blueprint#master
    • Note from a network perspective, you'll need a clear run at for this to work.

    Now fire-up RoadieJS to see all this come together, simply:

    $ roadie start

    Once you see the:

    RoadieJS home available http://your-hostname:3010/home/#/dashboard

    ...message, go-ahead and hit that URL in your best HTML5 browser.

    • You should now be asked for a username/password: just provide the credentials you provided above.

    • Once signed-in, click the "apps" icon along the top and find the "Hello Wembley!" app we're after.

    • Click it and... job done!

    • For now, to stop the server just CTRL+C from where you started the server.

    Hopefully that's the worst of it out the way.

    To start getting to grips with things, let's throw on another Blueprint, this time one that provides basic school administration. For simplicity (this isn't strictly necessary when things are configured later), stop the running server with CTRL+C and...

    $ roadie install github:wmfs/demo-school#master

    ... then re-start things again with:

    $ roadie start

    Return to your browser, refresh the page and have a play with the new apps that are now available to you (quick tip: create a few departments before moving onto filling-up with teachers).




    npm i roadiejs

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