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RNPM Plugin for Universal Windows

To bootstrap the creation of Windows projects for React Native, we've published rnpm-plugin-windows. The purpose of this plugin is to provide project init functionality comparable to react-native init and react-native android, and to allow users to build and run React Windows applications from the command line.

Project Initialization

To start, make sure you have the react-native CLI installed globally.

npm install -g react-native-cli

Once the CLI is installed, install rnpm-plugin-windows and initialize your project. Note: if you have Yarn installed, the react-native-cli will prefer to use that instead of npm, so use yarn to install rnpm-plugin-windows.

npm install --save-dev rnpm-plugin-windows
react-native windows

The windows command will do the following:

  • Install react-native-windows from NPM
  • Read the name of your project from package.json
  • Use Yeoman to generate the Windows project files.


react-native windows [name] [--namespace <namespace>] [--windowsVersion <version>]

The windows command takes an optional command line argument.

  • name - The name of the project, which will be used for both file names and the name of the component that is registered in the React Native AppRegistry. Default value is the name given in the root-level package.json.

The windows command accepts two optional flags.

  • --namepace - The namespace that will be used in the generated native C# code. Default value is name.
  • --windowsVersion - The version of react-native-windows that will be used. Default value is matches the major and minor version of react-native if installed, otherwise the latest version.

React Native 0.27.* -> 0.30.*

For versions of react-native prior to 0.31.0, you'll need to use the rnpm global CLI to run the windows command. Since the RNPM plugin syntax for the react-native CLI is not backward compatibile with rnpm, you'll need to use an older version of rnpm-plugin-windows:

npm install --save-dev rnpm-plugin-windows@0.1.*

Running React Windows Applications

Once react-native-windows is installed in your project, an additional RNPM plugin for running Windows apps is exposed to the react-native-cli. To deploy your app to Desktop, execute:

react-native run-windows

For more information on the kinds of options and flags available for deploying to devices and emulators, use the --help flag to get the command usage information.

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