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A dedicated progress slider for video players in React-native.


Why this module?

  • superior performance thanks to Reanimated library
  • clean and simple implementation that makes it easy to extend
  • integrated buffer indicator for online streams
  • fully written in Typescript
  • easiest way to use


This module uses react-native-reanimated and react-native-gesture-handler as peer dependencies. make sure You have installed them correctly. You may also install react-native-video. Check out these links to proceed their installation process:

Once you are done with above, add the main package with one of below commands:

using npm

npm install rn-video-slider

using yarn

yarn add rn-video-slider

That will be it.


import {Dimensions} from "react-native";
import Slider, {ISlider} from "rn-video-slider";

const ControlSet = () => {

  const sliderRef = React.createRef<ISlider>();
  //call below function in video progress callback

  const _onSlide = (value: number) => {
    //seek your video with value
  //this simpy means 80% of screen's width
  const sliderWdith = Dimensions.get('window').width * 0.8;

  return (


Here is the list of properties that you can set or override.

Name Type Required Default Value Description
width number Yes undefined width of slider track
height number No 3 height of slider track
thumbSize number No 12 diameter of sliding thumb
thumbColor string No #FFFFFF color of sliding thumb
progressColor string No #FFFFFF color of progress indicator
bufferProgressColor string No rgba(255,255,255,0.5) color of buffer progress indicator
trackColor string No rgba(255,255,255,0.2) color of underlying view
rootStyle ViewStyle No undefined style addon for root view
isRTL boolean No I18nManager.isRTL overrides direction of movement. setting to "true" makes the slider go from right to left.
tapActive boolean No true activates tap gesture. when set to "true", onSlide function fires on receiving single taps.

Note: Root view has a default padding equal to 10. Override it in root style if you need to.

Callbacks properties

Here is the list of callbacks to use.

Name Params Description
onSlide value Called when the slider is being moved by swiping it manually. It passes a "value" which is a number that changes from 0 to 1.
onSlideStart value Called when the thumb is being touched and held. It passes the current progress as "value".
onSlideStop value Called when the thumb is released. It passes the current progress as "value".


Here is the list of methods that can be called via reference.

Name Params Description
setProgress value Animates main progress slider based on given value
setColdProgress value Sets main progress level without any animation
setBufferProgress value Sets progress level of the buffer indicator

Note: progress values are a float from 0 to 1


  • [ ] write necessary tests
  • [ ] write a better example
  • [ ] add expansion feature
  • [ ] more and better demo gifs
  • [x] fix delay between thumb and track while sliding fast
  • [x] implement tap to seek feature
  • [x] replace the deprecated useAnimatedGestureHandler with newer API
  • [x] add style prop for root view


If you have any idea to improve or fix something, open an issue and state it in details. You will always be welcomed.


  • react-native-reanimated: 2.x, 3.x
  • react-native-gesture-handler: 2.x


The idea behind this is from react-native-reanimated-slider. Since the mentioned module is written with Reanimated v1 API, and hasn't been updated for a long period, I decided to remake it.


MIT License

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