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    This project is simple solution for nested navigators in react native with optional navigation state presistence.

    you use it almost like you use react-navigation, with a few changes.

    if you want to contribute you can

    • see the Contributing section and then you can
      • open issues with ideas for improvments
      • help with documantion
      • forks and PRs are most welcome

    the latest version of this package is currently version: 1.0.4

    of course you don't have to contribute to enjoy this package, so enjoy!


    while working with react native I found that I need to use quite often with nested navigators and keeping the navigation state when the user closes the app. after many times implementing an app specific navigation store using mobx, so this project aspires to be a generic navigation state mangment store which supports navigation presisitence.

    Working example

    you can check out the very simple react native example app just click here and follow the instructions enjoy!

    What's ready?

    • stack navigators - has support
      • navigation actions support still missing : replace, push, pop, popToTop
    • drawer navigators - has support
    • tab navigators - has support


    yarn add rn-navigation-store

    or with npm

    npm install rn-navigation-store --save

    npm page -

    old npm page -

    This project depends on other project so if you're using any of the following packages:

    • mobx
    • mobx-persist
    • mobx-react
    • react-navigation

    Note that this packages are installed automatically when installing rn-navigation-store with the following versions:

    • "mobx": "^3.4.1",
    • "mobx-persist": "^0.4.1",
    • "mobx-react": "^4.4.1",
    • "react-navigation": "^1.1.2"


    Note that more info on the specific methods and fields will be added later in another section this is just general usage instructions

    to see full docs press here


    this package exports a singelton so every where you import will have the same data inside

    import NavigationStore from 'rn-navigation-store'

    to import navigators , you should use these insted of the ones in 'react-navigation' these navigators wrap the react-navigation navigators to work with the store

    import { DrawerNavigator, StackNavigator, TabNavigator  } from 'rn-navigation-store'

    hydrate store and set navigators

    the hydration should happen in the component that renders the main navigator this code is from the react native example app, so assume usage of three navigators called: Main,NavOne,NavTwo where Main is the parent of NavOne and NavOne is the parent of NavTwo and NavTwo is not persistent. you must remember to also import create from mobx-persist like so:

    import { create } from 'mobx-persist'
    const hydrate = create({
        storage: AsyncStorage //this is since I'm using react native
        componentWillMount() {
            hydrate('navigation', NavigationStore).then(() => {
                    MainDrawer: {
                        type: 'drawer', //default value : 'stack'
                        initRoute:'Home' //required
                        nested: { NestedNavigatorTabs: 'MainTabs' }, //default value : null
                        parent: null, //default value : null
                        shouldPersist: true, //default value : true
                        routes:null //default value : null
                    MainTabs: {
                        type: 'tab',
                        parent: 'MainDrawer',
                        nested: { NestedNavigatorMain: 'Main' },
                        shouldPersist: true,
                        routes: ['Home', 'Two', 'NestedNavigatorMain'],
                    Main: {
                        type: 'stack',
                        nested: { NestedNavigator: 'NavOne' },
                        parent: 'MainTabs',
                    NavOne: {
                        type: 'stack',
                        parent: 'Main',
                        nested: { NestedNavigator: 'NavTwo' },
                    NavTwo: {
                        type: 'tab',
                        parent: 'NavOne',
                        routes: ['NavTwoFirst', 'NavTwoSecond'],
                    initialNavigatorName: 'MainDrawer',//the initial navigator name, required
                    order:['MainDrawer', 'MainTabs', 'Main', 'NavOne', 'NavTwo']//order of nesting of navigators, required
                setTimeout(() => NavigationStore.doneHydrating(), 1000)
            }).catch(error => console.log(error))

    example stack navigator

    right now in order to make a screen marked as a nested navigator you must give it a name including the string: 'NestedNavigator' it can be anything including this string for example : 'NestedNavigator1' or 'NestedNavigator_Chat' or 'NestedNavigatorOne' etc.

    import { StackNavigator } from 'rn-navigation-store'
    const Main = StackNavigator(
            MainFirst: { screen: ScreenOne },
            MainSecond: { screen: ScreenTwo },
            MainThird: { screen: ScreenThree },
            NestedNavigator: { screen: NavigatorOne },
        }, {
            headerMode: 'none',
            initialRouteName: 'MainFirst',

    then inside render function , where needed

        /*render code*/
        <Main screenProps={/* this prop will get passed to the screen components as this.props.screenProps */}/>
        /*render code*/

    passing the navigator store via mobx provider

    Although as mentioned above, you can just import the navigation store at any screen and it will stay concurrent, you can also pass it via props or via the mobx provider like so:

    import { Provider } from 'mobx-react/native'
    const stores = { NavigationStore /*add any other stores you want to provide*/ } //assuming you imported NavigationStore

    this is inside the render function of the component and as you can see inside the provider is the main navigator and now all of his screens and nested navigators will recieve NavigationStore as a prop

    <Provider {...stores}> 
        <Main /> 

    notice that in order to react to changes in observables you need the component getting the store to be an observer, and have @inject('NavigationStore')


    Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


    We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License


    this package uses the packages mentioned above, which are great packages that are open source for more info on these packages and how to use them so you can make greater benefit of this package use the links below:

    Big thanks to all the people responsible for these projects


    npm i rn-navigation-store

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