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React Native Swipeable FlatList

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SwipeableFlatList is a custom component that combines the functionality of FlatList and Swipeable from React Native and React Native Gesture Handler to create a swipeable list. It allows you to easily render a list of items that can be swiped to reveal additional actions.

This package uses usual, core components from both packages listed above - so this should work with any kind of React Native App and should have a high performance on both platforms.

You can also pass additional props supported by FlatList & Swipeable to customize the behavior and appearance of the list.

Check the example project


Install the package & peer dependencies using npm or yarn:

npm install rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist
npm install --save react-native-gesture-handler

yarn add rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist
yarn add react-native-gesture-handler

If you are using expo, make sure you install your expo sdk compatible gesture handler version version by running:

expo install react-native-gesture-handler


Versions v2.0.0+ should wrap the project root (in App.tsx) in GestureHandlerRootView from react-native-gesture-handler. Check react-native-gesture-handler installation docs


import SwipeableFlatList from 'rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist';

// Example usage
const MyComponent = () => {
  const data = [...]; // Your data array
  const renderItem = ({ item }) => {
    // Render individual list items
    return (
      // Your list item component JSX

  const renderLeftActions = (item) => {
    // Render left swipe actions for each item
    return (
      // Your left actions component JSX

  const renderRightActions = (item) => {
    // Render right swipe actions for each item
    return (
      // Your right actions component JSX

  return (
      keyExtractor={(item) => item.id}


The SwipeableFlatList component accepts the following props:


As the rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist uses Flatlist from react-native core package, it can be passed FlatlistProps as the usual Flatlist. Check general FlatlistProps here


As the rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist uses Swipeable component, it can be passed SwipeableProps, so you can adjust your SwipeableItem of the flatlist. Check general SwipeableProps here All the SwipeableProps can be passed under SwipeableProps prop to SwipeableFlatlist:

        enabled: true 

renderLeftActions: ((item: any) => React.ReactNode) | undefined

A function that returns the component to render as left swipe actions for each item. This is actually a SwipeableProp, but for the simplicity, as you will mostly using left/right actions, it can be passed directly to the SwipeableFlatList.

renderRightActions: ((item: any) => React.ReactNode) | undefined

Similarly to the one above, this is the function that returns the component to render as right swipe actions for each item. This is also a SwipeableProp, but for the simplicity, as you will mostly using left/right actions, it can be passed directly to the SwipeableFlatList.


This is the prop to enable/disable multiple rows being opened. if enabled you can swipe multiple rows and they'll stay open, if disabled - only one row can be opened at a time and the previous one will be closed if you open the new one. Defaults to true. (please note, that when you'll alter this prop, you'll need to reinitialize the list - simply refresh the js bundle and the changes will be applied)

ref: SwipeableFlatListRef

The ref is passed to the base Flatlist component and you can access all the native api available methods through this. Special interface SwipeableFlatListRef will add a custom module related function to this ref which is closeAnyOpenRows - see the description below.


closeAnyOpenRows: () => void

SwipeableFlatList provides a method closeAnyExistingRows() accessible via a ref to the component. This method can be used to programmatically close any opened rows:

  • When enableOpenMultipleRows is true: The method closes all swipeable rows that are currently open.
  • When enableOpenMultipleRows is false: The method closes the currently open swipeable row, if any.

This method is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to ensure that all swipe actions are reset, such as when navigating away from the list or performing batch actions on the list data.

example usage:

   const flatlistRef = useRef<SwipeableFlatListRef<DataItem> | null>(null);
   const closeAllOpenRows = () => {
   return (
    keyExtractor={(item) => item.id}


Contributions are welcome! If you find any issues or would like to suggest improvements, please create a new issue or submit a pull request.


This project is licensed under the ISC License.


rn-gesture-swipeable-flatlist has a peer dependency on react-native-gesture-handler. It will be installed automatically when you install this package. However, please ensure that your project meets the requirements for react-native-gesture-handler.

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