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Runtime Mobile Security (RMS) 📱🔥



by @mobilesecurity_

Runtime Mobile Security (RMS), powered by FRIDA, is a powerful web interface that helps you to manipulate Android and iOS Apps at Runtime.

With RMS you can easily dump all loaded classes and relative methods, hook everything on the fly, trace methods args and return value, load custom scripts and many other useful stuff.



Android DEMO - VIDEO

RMS - Android DEMO

Tutorial - Android


  1. NodeJS installed on your computer
  2. FRIDA's CLI tools installed on your computer
  3. FRIDA server up and running on the target device

Quick smoke-test

As suggested by the official FRIDA doc, please perform a quick smoke-test to make sure FRIDA is working properly on your test device.

By running the frida-ps -U command from your desktop, you should receive the list of the processes running on your connected mobile device.

Android                    | iOS
  PID NAME                 |  PID NAME
 1590 com.facebook.katana  |  488 Clock
 3282 com.twitter.android  |  116 Facebook
 …                            …


Some cool projects that can help you to auto install, update and run FRIDA on Android devices are:

They are not needed on iOS devices, since FRIDA starts just after the boot of the device (jailbreak mode).


  1. Open the terminal and run the following command to install the npm package
    • npm install -g rms-runtime-mobile-security
  2. Make sure frida-server is up and running on the target device.
  3. Launch RMS via the following command
    • rms (or RMS-Runtime-Mobile-Security)
  4. Open your browser at
  5. Start enjoying RMS 📱🔥

NOTE: Default RMS port has been changed from 5000 to 5491 because since MacOS Ventura, port 5000 is the Control Center's default port. If you wish to change the default port, you can also run RMS with the --port parameter followed by the desired port number e.g. rms --port 9000

Notes and possibile issues

  1. In case of issues with the npm package installed as a global cli app, please try the local installation (development mode)
  2. In case of issues with your favorite Browser (e.g. logs not printed in the web console), please use Google Chrome (fully supported)
  3. If RMS is not able to detect your device, please perform the following checks:
    • double check if frida-server is up and running on the target device. Instructions are here: prerequisites / quick smoke-test
    • RMS must be started after frida-server
    • make sure that only 1 device is connected to your computer. RMS is currently not able to detect multiple devices
    • kill RMS and start it again

Development mode

Follow the steps below if you want to develop new features for RMS 😉

  1. git clone https://github.com/m0bilesecurity/RMS-Runtime-Mobile-Security.git
  2. cd RMS-Runtime-Mobile-Security
  3. npm install (local installation)
  4. Launch RMS via node rms.js
  5. You can also install RMS as global package by running the following commands:
    • npm install -g to install dependencies
    • npm run compile to compile the frida-agent
    • rms to run RMS (anywhere)

NOTE: If you add new features to the agent (/agent/RMS_core.js), please remember to recompile the code by running npm run compile or directly via the frida-compile command (frida-compile agent/RMS_core.js -o agent/compiled_RMS_core.js)

General Info

Runtime Mobile Security (RMS) supports Android and iOS devices.

It has been tested on MacOS and with the following devices:

  • AVD emulator
  • Genymotion emulator
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K
  • iPhone 7
  • Chrome (Web Interface)

It should also work well on Windows and Linux but some minor adjustments may be needed.

Known issues and improvements

  • Sometime RMS fails to load complex methods. Use a filter when this happens or feel free to improve the algo (agent/RMS_core.js)
  • Socket are not working on Safari, please use Chrome instead
  • RMS is not able to recognize multiple devices. Please do not connect more than one device at the same time
  • Code is not optimized
  • Feel free to send me your best JS script via a Pull Request. I'll be happy to bundle all the best as default scripts in the next RMS release (e.g. root detection bypass, ssl pinning, etc)


1. Run your favorite app by simply inserting its package name

NOTE RMS attachs a persistence process called com.android.systemui on Android and SpringBoard on iOS devices to get the list of all the classes that are already loaded in memory before the launch of the target app. If you have an issue with them, try to find a different default package that works well on your device. You can set another default package via the Config Tab or by simply editing the /config/config.json file.



2. Check which Classes and Methods have been loaded in memory



3. Hook on the fly Classes/Methods and trace their args and return values


Go back to the dump page in order to have an overview of all the hooked methods that have been executed by the app


4. Search instances of a specific class on the Heap and call its methods



5. Select a Class and generate on the fly an Hook template for all its methods



6. Easily detect new classes that have been loaded in memory


7. Inject your favorite FRIDA CUSTOM SCRIPTS on the fly

Just add your .js files inside the custom_script folder and they will be automatically loaded by the web interface ready to be executed.



8. API Monitor - Android Only

via the API Monitor TAB you can easily monitor tons of Android APIs organized in 20 different Categories. Support can be easily extended by adding more classes/methods to the /config/api_monitor.json file.


You can also monitor native functions: libc.so - open, close, read, write, unlink, remove


9. FRIDA Script to load Stetho by Facebook [BONUS]

Inject the FRIDA script to load the amazing Stetho.

Stetho is a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications. When enabled, developers have access to the Chrome Developer Tools feature natively part of the Chrome desktop browser. Developers can also choose to enable the optional dumpapp tool which offers a powerful command-line interface to application internals.


10. File Manager [BETA]

A simple File Manager has been implemented to help you exploring app's private folders and files. This feature is still in BETA.

improvement: frida-fs needs to be implemented to enable files download directly from the browser (File Manager TAB).



11. Static Analysis - iOS Only



Special thanks to the following Open Source projects for the inspiration:

FRIDA Custom Scripts bundled in RMS - Credits:

DEMO apps:

  • RootBeer Sample is the DEMO app used to show how RMS works. RootBeer is an amazing root detection library. I decided to use the Sample app as DEMO just to show that, as every client-side only check, its root detection logic can be easily bypassed if not combined with a server-side validation.
  • DVIA a vulnerable app to test your iOS Penetration Testing Skills
  • Anti-Frida Frida Detection Examples by Bernhard Mueller.


RMS is licensed under a GNU General Public v3 License.

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