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A platform for publishing more than just textual articles on the web.

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What is it?

rm3 is not just a blog engine, but it's still lighter-weight and friendlier than those enterprise-grade CMS systems. It can be used to drive a large site, but I don't want to lose sight of being something that a person can install on a micro cloud instance and use themselves. Conceptually, it is to Drupal as Ghost is to WordPress.

rm3 is able work as a blog, a wiki, a photo archive, or some combination of those... and more. It's got blog-styled views such that you can post a series of dated blog articles and view them as such. But every entity on the site has a history, like how a wiki works. Like some of those enterprise CMS systems, you aren't restricted to just creating a mere list of posts. You can use it to manage links, photos, graphics (both photos and SVG vector graphics), and audio.

Release Status

See for recent changes.

This is currently in ALPHA state, defined as:

  • I'm running it in production
  • Key features are not missing
  • Any data you put in here you should be prepared to reconstruct without the benefit of a migration tool (but I'm going to try very hard to avoid that)
  • Security and stability bugs are to be expected.
  • Some stable internal APIs will be present.

The next milestone is BETA, defined as:

  • Key features are not missing
  • Any data you put in here should be able to be migrated with an offline migration where you need to shut down the site momentarily
  • Stability bugs are to be expected.
  • Stable APIs will be present.

How to get started?

Automated Setup

Other setup methods


To generate API docs:

  • npm run docs


To test:

  • npm test

To lint:

  • npm run lint

To check coverage

  • npm run coverage

If you want to do some development with auto-restart:

  • gulp develop


  • npm run benchmark


There are a wide variety of ways to contribute. Documentation, bug triage, detailed issues (including UI/UX, bug reports, etc), artwork, schemes, and so on are all just as important as code. Similarly, cleaning up the messy abstractions and copypasta, writing unit tests, and other non-feature tasks are probably more valuable to me.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms -- see code of conduct contains more details on contributing.