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Command line interface for couchdb

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Command line interface for couchdb designed for POSIX systems.

Requires node and npm.

npm i -g rlx

Start couchdb in it's default configuration, then run:

rlx i               # Launch interactive console
cd :lh              # Use alias to `cd http://localhost:5984`
db ls               # List databases
db add mydb         # Create database
cd mydb             # Use new database
doc add -i mydoc    # Create a new document
doc edit mydoc      # Edit document with `vim`
doc get mydoc       # Print modified and saved document
help                # Learn more commands in the manual
q                   # Quit interactive session

The documentation for the program is available via the help command, for those familiar with couchdb the cheatsheet is a good place to start.

Usage: rlx <command>
where <command> is one of:
    admin, alias, as, application, app, attach, att, batch,
    bulk, config, conf, database, db, document, doc, edit, help,
    http, tt, info, interactive, i, json, j, level, lvl, lint,
    local, lcl, log, login, in, logout, out, runconf, rc,
    replicate, repl, restart, security, sec, session, sess,
    stats, system, sys, tasks, tpl, user, usr, uuids, whoami
rlx --help <cmd>         quick help on <cmd>
rlx help <cmd>           documentation for <cmd>
rlx i                    launch interactive console
rlx@0.2.0 /home/muji/git/rlx

Developed against couchdb@1.6.0, behaviour in earlier versions is undefined.

Tests require a clean couchdb installation running in admin party mode.

npm test

If an rc file is present (~/.rlx/.rlxrc) the tests may fail as the default configuration is required you should ensure this file does not exist before running tests.

Quick test executes commands in series but bypasses code coverage and test assertions:

npm run qt
  • rlx_test_server - Specify the server to run tests against, default is http://localhost:5984.

To run test specs and generate code coverage:

npm run cover

To generate all documentation (manual, readme, cheatsheet etc):

npm run docs

To generate man pages run (requires manpage):

npm run manual

Generated man pages are in the man directory, to dynamically generate man pages set NODE_ENV to devel and execute the help command:

NODE_ENV=devel ./bin/rlx help db

To build the readme file from the partial definitions (requires mdp):

npm run readme

To generate the cheatsheet (requires mdp):

npm run cheatsheet

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