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Converts meshes into solid objects represented by narrowband level sets This library is part of the rle-* collection of libraries for working with multiphase narrowband level sets.


First, install the package using npm:

npm install rle-rasterize

Once that's done, you can use it to turn any mesh into a narrowband level set. For example, here is how you can make a narrowband level set representation of the Stanford bunny:

var bunny = require("bunny");
var bunny_rle = require("rle-rasterize")(bunny.cells, bunny.positions);

require("rle-rasterize")(cells, positions[, faceNormals])

Rasterizes a mesh into a voxel grid. The mesh is rasterized at the resolution of one voxel/unit. If you want to use a different resolution, you need to transform the mesh first. Mesh must have at least the following properties:

  • cells: an array of convex polygons represented by their clockwise oriented indices.
  • positions: An array of length 3 arrays representing the positions of the mesh vertices.
  • faceNormals: (Optional) An array of the per-face normals. If you don't specify this, it will be computed when the function gets called.

Note that the mesh must be a closed oriented manifold for this process to work. (Otherwise, it would not be a solid obviously).

Returns: A solid narrowband level set representing the mesh.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD