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client for connecting to rivulet streams

Rivulet Client

Allows you to connect to a Journeyman server with Rivulet. Use with browserify for client side code.

var Journeyman = require('journeyman');
var Rivulet = require('rivulet');
var server = new Journeyman(3000);
var rivulet = new Rivulet();
rivulet.send("boom", { name: 'brandon' });
rivulet.send("boom", { name: 'ted' }, 'private');
var RivuletClient = require('rivulet_client');
var client = new RivuletClient('/rivulets/boom');
client.on('data', function(person) {
  console.log('My name is ' +;
client.on('private', function(person) {
  console.log( + " sent you a private message");
client.on('connect', function() {
  console.log('You have connected');

Client will automatically reconnect on a disconnection. To fully disconnect use the client's disconnect method directly.

If you are using this library outside the client, you must pass the full path i.e. http://localhost:3000/rivulets/boom.