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Ristretto prototyping system skeleton. Latte + Livereload + Static mockup model.

You need PHP, Node.js with NPM and Grunt.

# check your binaries versions 
php -v
node -v
npm -v
grunt --version
# clone and startup an example 
git clone
cd RistrettoExample
npm install
grunt dev

When you see Gruntfile.js config - you will see, that Ristretto is configured to serve on port 8000.

So in your browser open http://localhost:8000/ and Ristretto should welcome you in the example.

The first request will probably take a minute or two for updating PHP dependencies.


When you have installed everything, you can start working like this:

grunt dev

When you have done some work, and you would like to share it with somebody, you might want to run build task:

grunt build

Note: Default directory to publish is publish/ but you can change it directly in ristretto.json, maybe to your public Dropbox folder. Just don't set it to existing directory, Ristretto deletes all contents of the publish directory!

Tip for publishing: Use relative links to assets. Use relative links to other pages. Use .html instead of .latte in your links (<a href="page.html">leads to page.latte</a>). In future these cases will be automaticaly converted, but it's not implemented yet.