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RISE - gulp

Shared gulp-build used for RISE.



	npm install --save-dev gulp rise-gulp

Create a gulpfile.js in the root of your project containing

require('rise-gulp').defineTasks(require('gulp'), __dirname);


The build reads assets from the src/main/assets subdirectory.

Each bundle is described by a bundle.js: module.exports={segments: [...]}

A bundle consists of a segment list. If the export is an array instead of an object, the array is treated as segment list.

Each segment can be a single string, which results in an import. If the segment is an object, the object is treated as segment descriptor. An array is treated as a segment descriptor with it's srcs set to the array.

The srcs of a segment are treated as follows:

  • A string results in a single source.
  • An array results in a source with the array elements.
  • An object is treated as source.

Patterns are treated relative to the bower_components directory, unless they start with a dot (for example "./*" )

Example: module.exports= [ [ // a segment "jquery/dist/jquery.min.js", // first src "bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js", // second src ["rise-bower/rise-core.","!rise-core.min.js"] // third src with two patterns ], ["./"] // second segment, with a single source ];