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riotjs is renamed to riot

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This is a RIOT!

The 1kb client side MVP library

Riot is an incredibly fast, powerful yet tiny client side (MV*) library for building large scale web applications. Despite the small size all the building blocks are there: a template engine, router, event library and a strict MVP pattern to keep things organized. On a finished application your views are automatically updated when the underlying model changes.

Current frameworks base their existence on following assumptions:

  1. There's a big mass of common problems
  2. MVC (or MVP) requires a framework
  3. jQuery leads to spaghetti

Riot will teach you that none of the above is true. Client applications can be faster, simpler and smaller. They could be maintained with less people, less knowledge, and less worries.

Riot is a manifesto for vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.

[Official website]( • [Demo application]( • [Todo MVC]( • [Original blog post]( • [Frameworkless JavaScript]( • [CDN Support]( • IRC: #riot.js on freenode


npm i riotjs

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