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    Rimu Markup

    Rimu is a readable-text to HTML markup language inspired by AsciiDoc and Markdown.

    Features summary

    • Markup generation can be customized and extended.
    • Includes a simple, flexible macro language.
    • HTML attribute injection and parametrized macros.
    • Accepts raw HTML (a la Markdown).
    • A subset of the Rimu syntax is Markdown compatible.
    • One-function API.
    • Playground GUI, Vim syntax highlighter and a unit test suite.
    • MIT license.
    • Ported to three language platforms:
      • The canonical JavaScript version written in TypeScript with no dependencies. Single JavaScript file (less than 22KB minified) that can be dropped onto a Web page or used as a Node module.
      • A Kotlin port for the JVM platform.
      • A Go port.

    Learn more

    Read the documentation and experiment with Rimu in the Rimu Playground or open the rimuplayground.html file locally in your browser.

    See the Rimu Change Log for the latest changes.

    Installing Rimu

    Install Rimu as a Node.js module (includes the rimu library and the rimuc command-line tool):

        sudo npm install -g rimu

    Run a simple test from the command prompt to check rimuc is working:

        echo 'Hello *Rimu*!' | rimuc

    This should output:

        <p>Hello <em>Rimu</em>!</p>

    Building Rimu

    To build Rimu and the Rimu documentation from source:

    1. Install the Git repository from Github.

       git clone
    2. Install gh-pages sub-repository:

       cd rimu
       git clone -b gh-pages gh-pages
    3. Install dependencies:

       npm install
    4. Build Rimu:

       jake build

    Using the Rimu library

    Browser compatibility

    The generated HTML is compatible with all Web browsers. The Rimu JavaScript library works with IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Android.


    npm i rimu

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