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rimg - responsive image creation

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Rimg is a command line tool created to make it easier to create optimized images for the web. rimg stands for responsive-image.

// install rimg command globally via npm
$ npm install -g rimg-cli
// use it (show help)
$ rimg --help


A complete documentation can be found at our documentation website that is hosted via GitHub Pages. The source can be found inside the docs folder. We're using docsify to generate the website from markdown files.

Building yourself

Build is done via npm scripts. But for native packaging the pgk module is used. To build the native package, that don't need node.js installed at runtime, a custom pkgfork is needed, until the open pull requests are merged.

// complete build (don't forget to link the custom pkg module)
$ npm run build
// if you're only want to provide the npm command locally and don't need the distribution packages
$ npm link


Tests are written in Typescript and executed with the Mocha Framework. Assertions are done with the chai Library and Mocks should be created using sinon. To run the tests locally execute one of the following commands:

// run all kind of tests
$ npm run test
// run only source code related unit tests
$ npm run test:unit


On Every commit or merge to the master Branch the semantic-release module will check if a release should be created. To take full advantage from the tool, commits should be done via npm run commit. The command uses the commitizen module to generate useful commit messages. These messages are used to generate the GitHub Release. This Build will be triggered via our CircleCI Build Environment.

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