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Rightfoot's API generates student debt beneficiary accounts and transfers funds to their loans.

API Documentation

This repository provides TypeScript/JavaScript bindings utilizing Fetch API.


Install Rightfoot from NPM:

npm install rightfoot-node --save 

Getting Started

First create a client at the desired endpoint along with your credentials.

import { Configuration, RightfootApi } from 'rightfoot-node';

const config: Configuration = new Configuration({
  // Bearer needs to be included in key, since the TS Swagger generator does not
  // yet support the bearer scheme from OAS3.
  apiKey: `Bearer ${process.env.RIGHTFOOT_API_KEY}`,
// Defaults to sandbox, but can be explicitly set to sandbox/production. 
const rightfoot = new RightfootApi(config, 'https://sandbox.api.rightfoot.com/v1');

Then a request to create a beneficiary can be made.

import { CreateBeneficiaryRequest, CreateBeneficiaryResponse } from 'rightfoot-node';

const request: CreateBeneficiaryRequest = {
  firstName: 'John',
  lastName: 'Doe',
  dateOfBirth: '1970-01-01',
  phoneNumber: '+1 650 555 5555',
  mailingAddress: {
    line1: '123 Easy Street',
    city: 'Palo Alto',
    state: 'CA',
    zipCode: '12345-0123'

const response: Promise<CreateBeneficiaryResponse> = rightfoot.createBeneficiary(request);
response.then((response: CreateBeneficiaryResponse) => {
}).catch(err => {
  // This will throw any time the request fails due to internal reasons (failed
  // to connect, or the server returns a non 2xx response in these cases, the
  // error response can be extracted from the body as
  // `err.text().then(errBody => console.error(errBody);`   

Notes on API Client Source

Rightfoot uses swagger-codegen to create and maintain its SDKs whenever possible. Requests for modifications are accepted but required departing from the Swagger/OpenAPI templates for SDKs, which we try to avoid as much as possible in the interest of stability and ability to leverage improvements and security patches from those base templates as much as possible.


npm i rightfoot-node

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