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A button for ribcage

Ribcage Button

A little view to use with ribcage-view that gives you a button.

  var Button = require('button')
  var button = new Button({
    label: 'Submit'
    , name: 'optional name'

What the text of the button should be.

Should the button start in an enabled state? Defaults to true.

A class name of an icon to prepend to the button. Will be prepended as <i class="icon-{{icon}}></i>

The CSS classes to apply to the <button>. Defaults to 'btn'.

Optional. Set a name for this button. Will be passed in select events

Enable the button.

Disable the button.

Triggered when the button is enabled and clicked. the select event is now deprecated, use action instead

  • view is the button view
  • name is the name option, if set
  • third argument will always be null because buttons can't have a value
  • label is the label option.

None yet. Should be in prova when implemented.

Test that this compiles with browserify -t hbsfy ribcage-button.js