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Rhyming dictionary based on the "CMU Pronouncing Dictionary", a reverse phoneme rhyming dictionary.

A single file includes dictionary. It may be used as an EC2 Lamda fuction without accessing records.

The original dictionary can be found here. http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/cmudict

Search for a word or similar sounding word.

Command line example: $ node rdict.js schoepf

[ 'schoepe', 'schoepf', 'schoepp', 'shope', 'dope', 'hope', 'proctoscope', 'kaleidoscope', 'laryngoscope', 'bronchoscope', 'telescope', 'oscilloscope', 'ophthalmoscope', 'horoscope', 'gyroscope', 'polariscope', 'periscope', 'stereomicroscope', 'microscope', 'antroscope', 'gastroscope', 'stethoscope', 'worldscope', 'interscope', 'endoscope', 'marketscope', 'scope', 'cope', 'koep', 'koepp', 'koeppe', 'kope', 'cantaloupe', 'antelope', 'envelope', 'elope', 'slope', 'lope', 'mope', 'partenope', 'knope', 'nope', 'pope', 'groep', 'grope', 'heliotrope', 'allotrope', 'tightrope', 'isentrope', 'strope', 'misanthrope', 'rope', 'softsoap', 'soap', 'sope', 'isotope', 'epitope', 'tope', 'swope' ]

Based on this phone list below. Therefore, "abhorrence AH.B.HH.AO.R.AH.N.S" ends in an 'S', and 'abolishes AH.B.AA.L.IH.SH.IH.Z' ends in 'Z'.

    Phoneme Example Translation
    ------- ------- -----------
    AA	odd     AA D
    AE	at	AE T
    AH	hut	HH AH T
    AO	ought	AO T
    AW	cow	K AW
    AY	hide	HH AY D
    B 	be	B IY
    CH	cheese	CH IY Z
    D 	dee	D IY
    DH	thee	DH IY
    EH	Ed	EH D
    ER	hurt	HH ER T
    EY	ate	EY T
    F 	fee	F IY
    G 	green	G R IY N
    HH	he	HH IY
    IH	it	IH T
    IY	eat	IY T
    JH	gee	JH IY
    K 	key	K IY
    L 	lee	L IY
    M 	me	M IY
    N 	knee	N IY
    NG	ping	P IH NG
    OW	oat	OW T
    OY	toy	T OY
    P 	pee	P IY
    R 	read	R IY D
    S 	sea	S IY
    SH	she	SH IY
    T 	tea	T IY
    TH	theta	TH EY T AH
    UH	hood	HH UH D
    UW	two	T UW
    V 	vee	V IY
    W 	we	W IY
    Y 	yield	Y IY L D
    Z 	zee	Z IY
    ZH	seizure	S IY ZH ER

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