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    Automatic View state binding to Model


    • Create View and Model into separate classes
      • View will have JSX instructions and Model will have state and behavior
    • Connect View to Model using Rhelena
    ... View class
    componentWillMount() {
      Rhelena.attachModelToView(new MyModel(this.props), this);
    • Now updates to Model will re-render the View ('setState' will be handled by Rhelena), and all updates to view.state will update the corresponding attribute in Model instance automatically
      • Call Model methods from View using 'view.actions.myMethod()'
      • Access/modify view Model state by using 'view.viewModel.myProperty = 234'


    • There is nothing better than an example! See them at examples folder

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    Introducing persistent model: now you can make your model persistent, so you can store and load it's last state. To do so you simply call the method persist(modelName, modelId) on your model instance passing the corresponding params. Example:

    class MyModel extends  extends RhelenaPresentationModel {
      constructor(modelId) {
        this.attribute1 = 999
        this.persist("MyModel", modelId)

    In the above example, if the modelId passed as parameter is from an already persisted model, the attribute values will be loaded from the persisted state. For example, if the last value of attribute1 was 100, after the this.persist("MyModel", modelId) is executed the value of attribute1 will be 100

    Reserved Words

    Note: you can call persist before or after calling the attachModelToView.

    Some attributes are used internally to control the lifecycle of a Rhelena Model, so if you have attributes on your model with the same name you may face unexpected behavior with your Model. Those are:

    • __persistenceGroup
    • __persistenceId

    1.0.0 version DEPRACATION WARNING

    The attribute actions that was present in prior versions is no longer available. Use this.viewModel to access ViewModel's methods instead


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