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HMVC framework for NodeJS

RhapsodyJS is a HMVC framework that runs on top of Express 4, it also creates a RESTful API for your models, supports sockets, middleware/policies system, and a lot of other features, give it a try and see with your own eyes!

To install RhapsodyJS, you must run the command:

    $ npm install rhapsody-cli --global 

To generate a new RhapsodyJS app, you should go to the folder where your app folder will be, and then run:

    $ rhapsody-cli new APP_NAME

Where APP_NAME is the name of your app

This will generate the basic structure of your app


    $ cd APP_NAME && npm install
    $ rhapsody-cli run

And your app will be running in localhost:4242

Click here to see RhapsodyJS documentation

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