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Simple tool to send SMS through the Google Calendar.


Local installation:

npm install rgsms

To get access for the CLI tool, install global version:

npm install -g rgsms

Google calendar and service account setup

Service account

Go to Google developer console First make sure you have turned on the "calendar API".

Next create "Service account" and download the public/private key pair also get the service account email address which used later for authentication.

Currently Node can not read the pub/priv key pair so extract the key with OpenSSL.

openssl pkcs12 -in ~/path/to-key.p12 -out ~/key.pem -nocerts

Now we should have the key file and email for authentication.

Google calendar setup

Create a new calendar, choose the name carefully as it will be displayed partly in the SMS title. Go to the "Remainders and notifications" settings and make sure you have verified your phone number so you can accept SMS.

Different ways to send the SMS, you can set the event remainder so it will send SMS before 1 minute. The second possible use case is to send the remainder as the event is created.

API usage

var KEY_FILE = './key.pem';
var GCal = require('rgsms'),
    g = new GCal(SERVICE_EMAIL, KEY_FILE);
g.getClient(function (err, client) {
    // Get back the client instance
g.listCalendars(function (err, res) {
    // List the calendars without printing any data
g.listCalendarsFormat(function (err, res) {
    // Get the calendar array with printing operation
g.createEventFormat('', { summary: "Change name" }, function (err, res) {
    // Get the event result with formated result

CLI usage

rgsms create -k ./key.pem -e -i -u
status=200 summary="SMS title" description="Description" start=2014-06-14T10:54:31+03:00 end=2014-06-14T10:54:31+03:00

Set the start and end time:

rgsms create -k ./key.pem -e -i -S "2014-06-14T19:15:42.752Z" -E "2014-06-14T19:20:42.752Z"
status=200 summary="SMS title" description="Description" start=2014-06-14T22:15:42+03:00 end=2014-06-14T22:20:42+03:00

Using the evn variables:

export KEY_FILE=/home/risto/Dropbox/rgsms/key.pem

rgsms create -s "This is the first other message"