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reznik analyzes dependencies for AMD modules and outputs the results as JSON, dot, plain text or as an HTML based module browser.

Important: Version 1.3.0 drops PhantomJS support.

Code checks

The evaluated modules can be checked for:

  • duplicate module ids
  • circular module dependencies
  • missing module dependencies
  • case mismatches between file names and module IDs (module IDs are case sensitive while server file names are not)
  • non anonymous module IDs which differ from the file name but have no loader config (currently only require.js supported)


Instead of parsing JavaScript with regular expressions reznik executes and intercepts code using node´s vm module. Each individual file evaluation is aborted silently upon encountering any script error.


  • Infinite loops in module code will cause the evaluation to freeze
  • Module factories are not evaluated, therefore nested require() calls are not detected
  • Loader plugins are unsupported and will produce evaluation errors (ignoring them may be implemented at some point)
  • define() and require() calls preceded by any browser specific code are not detected

Command line usage

Enter node reznik --help to see a detailed usage description.

Module usage

When required as a module reznik exposes only one method: run(options). The options object accepts the same arguments as the command line does. The return value is a promise which delivers the evaluation results by default as an object.

Example JSON output

    "scripts" : {
        "a.js" : {
            "id" : "a",
            "filename" : "a.js",
            "dependencies" : [ "b" ],
            "type" : "require"
        "b.js" : {
            "id" : "b",
            "filename" : "b.js",
            "dependencies" : [ "c" ],
            "anonymous" : true,
            "type" : "module"
        "c.js" : {
            "id" : "c",
            "filename" : "c.js",
            "dependencies" : [ "named/d" ],
            "anonymous" : false,
            "type" : "module"
        "d.js" : {
            "id" : "named/d",
            "filename" : "d.js",
            "dependencies" : [  ],
            "anonymous" : false,
            "type" : "module"
    "configuration" : { "paths" : { "named/d" : "d" } },
    "errors" : [  ],
    "information" : [
        "evaluated 6 files",
        "ran for 18 ms"