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This is the Node.js port of revelry_core. You can find the deployed version here.


Clone and run npm install.

Running the docs site locally

npm run dev

This will open up a new browser tab at localhost:8000. While this is running you can make changes in the src folder and the site will automatically reload with your changes.

How to add code

React components

  • Write a component like src/my-component.js.
  • Write an example file like src/my-component.example.js.
    • The module should have one or more named exports that are React components, defined with ES6 class syntax. (export class Example1 extends Compnent {})
    • Each example will be built into the docs site.
  • Write a test file like src/my-component.test.js.
    • Run tests with npm test.
    • See test-config.js to see what additional globals are available in tests. (decribe, it, expect, shallow, mount, etc.)


Try as often as possible to rely solely on Foundation Sites styles where available. On occasion, however, you will need specific styles for components that go beyond what Foundation offers. In this case:

  • Add an SCSS file like scss/my-component.scss
  • Edit docs-src/site.scss so that it imports your component's styles.