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A plugin for Reveal.js to add Google Universal Analytics tracking to your presentations.

Reveal.js provides a number of events that we can listen for, and this package will send those events to Google Analytics for tracking.


  1. Install the plugin via npm:

     $ npm install --save reveal-ga
  2. Obtain a Profile ID from Google Analytics; this should look something like UA-XXXXXXXX-X.

  3. Define a gaPropertyID variable in your presentation file before Reveal.initialize():

     	var gaPropertyID = 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X';
     		// ...
  4. Add the following inside Reveal.initialize's dependencies array to load the plugin:

     dependencies: [
     	// other dependencies/plugins
     	{ src: 'node_modules/reveal-ga/dist/reveal-ga.min.js' }

Reveal.js events that can be tracked

After setting up the package according to the instructions above, Google Analytics should pick up on the following actions:

  • Any time the active slide is changed
  • Slide overview (triggered by the ESC key) shown or hidden

Debugging events

If you want to see what information is being sent, drop the following somewhere in your presentation to get debug statements output to the console:

window.addEventListener('reveal-ga', function (ev) {
  console.log('New Reveal GA event:', ev.detail);

Every time a new event is sent to Google Analytics a corresponding custom reveal-ga event is also sent to the window object.


Here are common errors found with reveal-ga and potential solutions:

Received an "Unable to register custom Google Analytics events" warning in the console.

This warning occurs when either the Reveal object or the gaPropertyID variable is undefined. Please be sure that reveal-ga is being loaded via Reveal.js' dependencies property as described in the instructions above, and that gaPropertyID is declared before calling Reveal.initialize().


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