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Command line scanner looking for use of known vulnerable js files and node modules in web projects and/or node projects.


npm install -g retire


Usage: retire [options]

  -V, --version            output the version number
  -v, --verbose            Show identified files (by default only vulnerable files are shown)
  -c, --nocache            Don't use local cache
  --jspath <path>          Folder to scan for javascript files
  --path <path>            Folder to scan for both
  --jsrepo <path|url>      Local or internal version of repo. Can be multiple comma separated. Default: 'central')
  --cachedir <path>        Path to use for local cache instead of /tmp/.retire-cache
  --proxy <url>            Proxy url (
  --outputformat <format>  Valid formats: text, json, jsonsimple, depcheck (experimental), cyclonedx and cyclonedxJSON
  --outputpath <path>      File to which output should be written
  --ignore <paths>         Comma delimited list of paths to ignore
  --ignorefile <path>      Custom ignore file, defaults to .retireignore / .retireignore.json
  --severity <level>       Specify the bug severity level from which the process fails. Allowed levels none, low, medium, high, critical.
                           Default: none
  --exitwith <code>        Custom exit code (default: 13) when vulnerabilities are found
  --colors                 Enable color output (console output only)
  --insecure               Enable fetching remote jsrepo/noderepo files from hosts using an insecure or self-signed SSL (TLS) certificate
  --ext <extensions>       Comma separated list of file extensions for JavaScript files. The default is "js"
  --cacert <path>          Use the specified certificate file to verify the peer used for fetching remote jsrepo/noderepo files
  --includeOsv             Include OSV advisories in the output
  -h, --help               display help for command

The depcheck output format mimics the output of OWASP Dependency Check, but lacks some information compared to OWASP Dependency Check, because that information is not in the repo. The cyclonedx output format is based on based on the spec.


@qs                                                             # ignore this module regardless of location
node_modules/connect/node_modules/body-parser/node_modules/qs   # ignore specific path

Due to a bug in ignore resolving, please upgrade to >= 1.1.3


		"component": "jquery",
		"identifiers" : { "issue": "2432"},
		"justification" : "We dont call external resources with jQuery"
		"component": "jquery",
		"version" : "2.1.4",
		"justification" : "We dont call external resources with jQuery"
		"path" : "node_modules",
		"justification" : "The node modules are only used for building - client side dependencies are using bower"


Source code / Reporting an issue

The source code and issue tracker can be found at

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